Open the doors to the dungeon and discover the world of NFT interoperability.

“The ability to bring digital ownership from one context to another is a prerequisite for bringing digital style, digital prestige, and digital identity along with it.” Matt Dion-Naavik



Inter the Dungeon is a push-your-luck dungeon crawl game using Axies. It is inspired by the theme and mechanics found in modern board games such as Incan Gold, Munchkin, and Card Crawl.

Game Play

Players will spend SLP and daily energy to enter different themed dungeons. Players reveal a room in the dungeon and resolve it. After they’ve resolved the room, they can choose to reveal another room or leave the dungeon with the loot they’ve collected. If the player doesn’t resolve the revealed room they lose, and anything they’ve collected in that run is lost.


We will be actively seeking out fellow Axie Builder projects to both share our resources with and create collaborations where we can import, display, and promote their game assets in both of our games’ play space. Our interoperability project will develop the API protocols and documentation for Axie microverse creators to easily transfer and balance NFT and fungible assets between Axie community games.

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